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Universal Neoprene Zip Case - Black Orange

Rs. 499.00 Rs. 1,799.00



Protect your device in style with this modern two tone sleek neoprene pouch. Made with soft water resistant material and a secure zip fastening, this case is the perfect way to keep your device protected on the go.


Premium quality finish, Soft lightweight neoprene material, Sturdy zip closures for further security, 2 way zip for easy access, with soft inner protection to prevent scratches.

Dimensions (Below are the minimum and maximum dimensions for device models that will fit in this case) :

Minimum Dimensions: 285 x 190 x 10 (mm)

Maximum Dimensions: 315 x 220 x 30 (mm)

For help finding a case for your device model, please contact us.

Acer Aspire E11 Es1-111 (Nx.Mrksi.004) Netbook, Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132 Notebook, Acer Aspire Es1-111 (Nx.Mrksi.005) Netbook, Acer Aspire ES1-111 Chromebook, Acer Aspire R 11 R3-131T-P4AA, Acer Aspire R11 R3-131T, Acer Aspire R3-131T, Acer Aspire V3-112 , Acer Aspire V5-123 Netbook, Acer Chromebook 11 N7 CB311, Acer Chromebook C730-C10K , Acer Chromebook C731 C8VE NX.GM8AA.001, Acer Chromebook R 11 C738, Acer Chromebook R11, Acer R11 CB5-132T Convertible, Acer SP111 31 NX.GL5SI.005, Acer Spin 1 SP111 31 C62Y NX.GL5AA.001, Acer Spin 1 Sp111-31 (Nx.Gl5Si.004), Acer Switch 5 SW512 Tablet, Acer Switch Alpha 12, Acer Switch Alpha 12 SA5 271 31U2 NT.LCDAA.016, Acer Switch Alpha 12 SA5 271 32WP NT.LCDAA.015, Acer Switch Alpha 12 SA5-271-37KU, Apple MacBook Air, Apple MacBook MLH82HN/A, Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inch With Touch Bar 2016, Apple Macbook Pro 2016, Apple MacBook Pro MF839HN/A, Apple MacBook Pro MF841HN/A, Asus Chromebook 12 C223, Asus Chromebook C201Pa-Ds02 Netbook, Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02, Asus ChromeBook Flip C302CA, Asus Chromebook Flip C302Ca-Dhm4 Netbook, Asus E200HA Notebook, Asus E203, Asus E203NAH FD054T, Asus Eeebook E202SA, Asus EeeBook F205TA, Asus Transformer 3 T305CA, Asus VivobooK E12 E203NAH FD057T, Asus Vivobook E12 E203Nah-Fd010T, Asus VivoBook E200, Asus Vivobook E200Ha-Ub02-Gd, Asus VivoBook E203MA Ultra Thin, Asus Vivobook E203Nah-Fd009T, Asus VivoBook Flip 12 TP203 Notebook, Asus X200MA, Asus X200Ma-Kx371B Netbook , ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333 Ultrabook, Asus ZenBook Flip S UX370UA, Dell Chromebook 11 5190 2 In 1, Dell Chromebook 3180, Dell Inspiron, Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2 in 1 Core i3 4th gen, Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series, Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1, Dell Inspiron 11 3137 3137C2500IS Netbook, Dell Inspiron 11 3162 , Dell Inspiron 11 3168 I3168 0702BLU, Dell Inspiron 11 3169, Dell Inspiron 11 3179 I3179 0000WHT, Dell Inspiron 13 5390 Laptop, Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2 in 1 Laptop, Dell Inspiron 13 7370 I7370 7756SLV PUS, Dell Inspiron 13 7373 2 in 1 Notebook, Dell Inspiron 13 7373 A569502WIN9, Dell Inspiron 13 7380, Dell Inspiron 13 7386, Dell Inspiron 7373, Dell Latitude 12 5000, Dell Latitude 12 7200 12 Inch 2 in 1 Laptop, Dell Latitude 12 E5250, Dell Latitude 12 E7270, Dell Latitude 13 7370, Dell Latitude 3180 Notebook, Dell Latitude 3189 Education 2 in 1, Dell Latitude 5285 2 in 1, Dell Latitude 5290, Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 Laptop, Dell Latitude 7290, Dell Latitude 7380, Dell Latitude 7390 2-In-1 Laptop, Dell Latitude E7240, Dell Latitude E7240 Ultrabook, Dell Latitude E7250 ULTRABOOK, Dell Latitude E7280, Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130, Dell XPS 12 XPS9250 4554WLAN, Dell XPS 13 13.3, Dell XPS 13 9360 XPS9360 4841SLV, Dell XPS 13 9365 Convertible, Dell XPS 13 9370, Dell XPS 13 9370 ( 2018 ), Dell XPS 13 9380 ( 2019 ), Dell XPS 13 Convertible Touchscreen, Dell XPS 9370, Fusion5 C60B 11.6 Inch Full HD, Google Pixel Slate, HP 11-k106TU, HP 11-p100na x360 Convertible, HP Chromebook 11 G4 P0B79Ut Netbook, HP Chromebook 11 G6, HP Elite X2 1012 1Aa32Pa, HP Elite X2 1012 G1 T8Z04Ut, HP Elite x2 1012 G1 Tablet, HP Elite X2 1012 G1 V8R08Pa, HP Elite x2 1012 G2, HP EliteBook 1030 G1 Notebook PC, HP EliteBook 820 G1 Notebook PC, HP Elitebook 820 G3, HP Elitebook 820 G4, HP Elitebook 820 G4 1Fx34Ut, HP Elitebook 820 G4 1Fx36Ut, HP EliteBook 820 G4 Notebook, HP Elitebook Folio 1020 G1 M5D89Us, HP EliteBook Revolve 810, HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2, HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Tablet, HP EliteBook x360 830 G5 Convertible Laptop, HP Envy 13-Ad079Tu 2Vl81Pa, HP Envy 13-Ad126Tu, HP ENVY x2 11-g030ea (D0W48EA), HP HP Pavilion X360 11-AB005TU (Z1D87PA), HP Pavilion 11 x360 Convertible, HP Pavilion 11-k107na x360 Convertible, HP Pavilion 11-k107na x360 Convertible , HP Pavilion 11-N108Tu X360 (L1J68Pa) Netbook, HP Pavilion 14-n000 Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion dm1-4100 Entertainment Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e100 Notebook PC series, HP Pavilion x360 - 11-ad022tu, HP Pavilion X360 11-K106Tu P3C90Pa, HP Pavilion X360 11-K161Nr, HP Pavilion x360 11-u068tu, HP Pro x2 612 G1, HP Probook 11 X360, HP ProBook x360 11 G1 EE Notebook PC, HP ProBook x360 11 G2 EE Notebook PC, HP Spectre X2 12-A008Nr N5S21Ua, HP Spectre x360 - 13-ac059tu, HP Spectre X360 13 AE502TU 3ME45PA, HP Spectre X360 13 AE503TU 3ME46PA, HP Spectre X360 2018, HP Spectre x360 2019 Edition 13-ap0001na, HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13-ac058TU, HP Stream 11 Pro , HP Stream 11-D020Nr, HP Stream X360, Huion H580 Graphics, Huion W58 Graphics, Huwaei MateBook X Pro, Iball Compbook Excelance OHD, Iball CompBook i360, IBall CompBook Merit G9, iBall Flip X5 Compbook, iBall i360 FHD 2018, Lenovo 300 Yoga Series 80M0007KIN, Lenovo Chromebook C330, LENOVO Flex 3-1130 2 in 1, Lenovo IdeaPad 100S Notebook, Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11IBY, Lenovo Ideapad 110S 80R2001Fus, Lenovo IdeaPad 120S, Lenovo Ideapad 120S 81A4006CIN, Lenovo IdeaPad 320s, Lenovo Ideapad 710S 80Vq009Tin, Lenovo IdeaPad 710S Plus, Lenovo IdeaPad 720s, Lenovo Ideapad 720S-13Ikb 81A80090In, Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4-11 80U30001Us, Lenovo Ideapad Miix 510, Lenovo IdeaPad S206, Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 310 80U20024Ih, Lenovo Lenovo Miix 510 2-in-1 Laptop, Lenovo Miix 510 Hybrid, Lenovo Miix 510-12Isk, Lenovo Miix 520 Tablet, Lenovo Miix 520, Lenovo Miix 720 80Vv00Cnus, Lenovo ThinkPad 11eUltrabook, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook, Lenovo ThinkPad X140e, Lenovo ThinkPad X230, Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Notebook, Lenovo Thinkpad X240 20Ala0K-Wig, Lenovo ThinkPad X240 Ultrabook, Lenovo THINKPAD X250 20CLA0AHIG, Lenovo ThinkPad X260, Lenovo ThinkPad X260 12.5 Inch Notebook, Lenovo Thinkpad X270 20Hma06Xig, Lenovo Thinkpad X270 20K6000Rus, Lenovo ThinkPad X280, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e 5th Gen, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 Notebook, Lenovo X250 20Cm0046Us, Lenovo Yoga 300, Lenovo Yoga 300 80M0007KIN, Lenovo Yoga 300 80M1003Win, Lenovo Yoga 300 Covertible Notebook, Lenovo Yoga 310, Lenovo Yoga 310 2 in 1, Lenovo Yoga 330, Lenovo Yoga 710 11, Lenovo Yoga 720, Lenovo Yoga 720 Convertible Notebook, Lenovo Yoga 720 Ultrabook, Lenovo Yoga 730 (13) 2 in 1 Laptop, LENOVO Yoga 730-13IKB 81CT003YIN, LG Gram 13Z950-A.AA3WU1, Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160, Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1161, Microsoft Microsoft Surface Pro New 2017, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 1796 2019 12.3 Inch Laptop, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 2018, Microsoft Surface Pro New 2017, RCA Maven Pro, RDP Thinbook 1130 Netbook, Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin NP940X3L K01US, Samsung Chromebook 3 2016, Samsung Chromebook XE500C13 K04US, Samsung Galaxy Book 2 in 1, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Sony VAIO Fit 15 Touch Laptop, Toshiba Satellite NB10, Venturer Venturer Elite SE 2 in 1 Tablet, Yuntab 2 in 1 Tablet