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Organizer Magnetic Board

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This super cool Magnetic Black Board with Calendar is so useful that you will want it on your desk everyday. Its a Blackboard with a stand, It has these fun magnets for dates and month. Lets go back to our analog days, write your to do list, dates, reminders everything and stick your notes, bills anything and everything. Its perfect for kids if you want them to learn how to write, use a calendar or anything. Put it in your home, living room, kitchen, office, home office, kids study or den. Fits everywhere. Perfect gift for a child, man or woman. Presents for Birthday, Christmas, Return Gifts use it anywhere. Its comes with an easel like stand, so can be kept anywhere. Also has magnets for days and month.

Size: L = 26 cm, W = 1.2 cm, H = 18 cm

Material: Wood

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