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About Us

Bag of Small Things is a celebration of all the small things we cant live without. Fill your bag with all the cool curated knick knacks from round the world. Innovative designs that add to your life.
It is for the travellers, dreamers, explorers and creators. People who love and look for unique design led products. Things we want but there is never a need!

We like personalisation, we like notes to add a personal touch. We like to pay attention to detail, God is in details. We love conversations and try to tell stories through our products. When the world is going digital a part of us refuses to move from the world of analog. Things that give us joy and happiness, that brings the child out in us. We believe that there are people like us who get excited when they see a beautiful paper clip and want to own it.

We enter a stationery store and say out aloud “ I want everything”. It is my candy store.

Thanks for visiting us!

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